"I live not for myself
but for the generations to come."

Vincent Van Gogh

There is a world in which people do not allow themselves to be overcome by events, but strive to understand and tackle them, at the same time learning lessons and, where possible, managing them in a positive way.

A world where difficulties are not a misfortune to hide from but where problems can be seen as a challenge to look beyond and put oneself to the test.

A place where discouragement and resignation do not dominate and where, after each obstacle and defeat, we pick ourselves up ready to start again, not because we are better than others but because we are aware that there is no alternative.

This is a world where teamwork always succeeds, making the most of individuals, where nobody is an outsider but everyone has the right to citizenship, where the ongoing search for excellence and innovation are shared values that inspire, principles that are relevant not merely to individuals but all of us as citizens.

This is our world and we welcome you.

Pablo Cinci
CEO Studio Arcadia Srl


Here is our catalogue of courses that are provided in an entirely new way: live and online. A new way of delivering training activities.

They are live lessons that can be attended anywhere; on a PC, tablet or smartphone, with the added advantage of the trainer being available online, explaining the course subject matter and with whom attendees can interact.

There are clearly a number of advantages to such an approach:

  1. Savings on travel
  2. The course can be attended from anywhere (optimising one’s time)
  3. As the lessons are live, attendees can ask questions and clear up any doubts with the trainer immediately
  4. The schedule can be agreed, thereby meeting the need of the client and team 100%

Check out our course catalogue and attend from the comfort of your own home.

We are waiting for you.

The areas where we can be of use to the safety of your business

Why choose Studio Arcadia?

Depending on your requirements our staff will carry out a careful analysis of your company’s situation (preliminary audit) on which to base a job-list of services to provide and agree on a timeframe.

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What they say about us.

Lo Studio Arcadia fornisce un servizio professionale ed una disponibilità costante e fuori dal comune rispetto alle tematiche di sicurezza in generale.
Nel momento attuale è come un faro nella tempesta della pandemia per restare aggiornati sui mille adempimenti di questi ultimi due anni

Ing. Francescantonio Bosco
Pentair - RSPP EHS Manager Italy

Una garanzia!

Come Piombino Tech abbiamo avuto modo di collaborare in molte attività, trovando sempre personale competente e professionale. Una garanzia nella risoluzione delle problematiche relative alla sicurezza sul lavoro. Persone serie e disponibili.

Antonio Moratto R&D Manager


cosa dire se non che il vostro motto è


Conoscenza, Collaborazione,


Grazie per il sostegno e l’aiuto che non mi avete fatto mancare

Ing. Luis Alberto Ambrosone, Dirigente Technical Advisor - ArcelorMittal Avellino e Canossa S.p.A.

Affidabili e Capaci

Un partner affidabile capace di garantire competenza e rapidità per affrontare la sfida quotidiana del miglioramento continuo delle condizioni di salute e sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro.

Andrea Botticella, RSPP - Unicoop Tirreno

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Studio Arcadia is a young and innovative consulting company with a pool of extremely specialised, very experienced professionals in a wide range of fields. Our expertise is in industrial companies that employ high-technology resources and equipment capable of meeting the needs of constantly advancing regulations.

Pablo Cinci

Technical Manager

Et in arcadia ego! Trained in technical and scientific fields, from the outset of his career he has dedicated his talents and knowledge to health and safety, industrial hygiene, and the environment in numerous sectors. He has acquired almost thirty years of experience and for the past eleven years has worked with oversight committees. He has notable vision and is often consulted regarding future strategy and to provide planning on the direction in which to take companies.

Alessandro Francardi

Head of Worksite Safety

The future is only the beginning! Alessandro has technical training with a profound knowledge of worksites, especially industrial ones. He has acquired extensive experience in the safeguarding of health and safety at work and the environment in a host of different working sectors. He is proud and brilliant, an excellent organiser and is the inspiring spirit of the team.

Paolo Lubrano

Technical Director Safety, Research and Development

Eureka! Paolo has a classical education but is trained as an engineer. He has always worked in HSE and combines the technical knowledge of his field of expertise with patience and a rare ability of analysis. He is an irreplaceable point of reference for all the group.

Fernando Ingrosso

Department for the protection of the Environment

Virtute siderum tenus! Fernando has technical training and extensive experience in the environmental and health and safety sectors. He has worked in numerous industries throughout Italy and has come up against particularly difficult technical situations as well as problems of varying nature. His tenacity and stubbornness have ensured his notable successes in problem-solving and he is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Studio Arcadia.

Enrico Giustarini

Department of Health and Safety

Est modus in rebus! Enrico’s training is technical, and it has led him to gain an extraordinary level of experience in health and safety at work, both on worksites, construction sites but also in a wide range of risk analyses, including those for health and the environment. He is utterly reliable and combines extreme professionalism with a sense of practicality, strength of will and clarity of intentions that are not to be overlooked.

Monia Giustarini

Administration, Sales and Training

There are people who know everything … and unfortunately that is all they know. With wide-ranging experience in various working sectors and extensive knowledge of administration, sales and training, Monia is the feminine spirit of Studio Arcadia. She is proud and intuitive, with a natural understanding of things that inspire all the group to attain its objectives with determination.

Giorgio Cascinelli


Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito! With his technical background Giorgio has unfailing tenacity and determination combined with spirited initiative. He has considerable experience in the environmental and safety sectors that he manages with scientific rigor. He is a great place to start.

Paola Ciampi


Sapere Aude! Paola has a technical education and strong humanistic bent. She is endowed with notable intuition and evaluation skills. Her 20 years of experience in the field of health and safety mean that she can provide a dependable overview of the subject. She is certainly another team member who is especially reliable.


Perché scegliere Studio Arcadia? Perché non cerchiamo di imporre servizi che non servono alle attività che ci chiedono consulenza, perché siamo professionisti che ascoltano e che sanno indirizzare nel modo migliore senza perdite di tempo o spese inutili.
Forniamo una base solida e consolidata dove poter lavorare ed essere in regola costantemente con le normative sempre in aggiornamento ed in mutamento a cui è difficile attenersi se non guidati da un team di esperti come Studio Arcadia.

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