Studio Arcadia has an innovative training system for its clients’ personnel, through online training with the Tutor81 platform:

Studio Arcadia è in grado di fornire in modalità e-learning, corsi di formazione secondo i contenuti dell’accordo Stato-Regioni n. 221/CSR of 21/12/2011, as follows:

  • Workers’ training:
  • Supervisor training;
  • Workers’ representative for health and safety;
  • Training for Managers;
  • Employer training as Health and Safety Manager;
  • Training for the Firefighting team – Low risk.

Our online training courses can be attended using internet to connect to a central server that manages audio-visual content and records course attendance.
The TUTOR 81 platform distinguishes itself as a powerful, but easy to use too tool, that is suitable for various positions involved in company safety.
TUTOR 81 system has no offline material but only multimedia content (high quality audio and video, slides with trainer commentary, multiple choice tests, games and progress tests that are transmitted and checked by the platform).

  • making the most of time dedicated to training;
  • being certain that the attendees are always present;
  • avoid mistakes and wasted time in computer use;
  • reduced costs and organisational disruption caused by training.

Each unit sent to attendees undergoes numerous and frequent checks (1 every 4/5 minutes) on the course subject matter. This makes it possible to assess levels of learning and allow the attendee to progress in the course. Unless a 90% pass rate is obtained further study is required. At the end of the course the attendee will be given material for further study by the tutor (Studio Arcadia Srl) and will need to access the platform to be tested on this subject matter. Attendees are supported constantly by the Studio Arcadia tutor and can request assistance at any time.

TUTOR 81 is installed on the TELECOM server farm. Telecom is Italy’s leading company for communications and remote housing of data. Redundant systems guarantee protection, security and constant back up of all kinds of connections, 24/7. Our office is at your complete disposal for any clarification or quotations