Reducing energy consumption and avoiding waste has become a primary objective in the management of many companies.

Increasing energy efficiency and the proper implementation of company energy performance means optimising sources of energy.

The Studio Arcadia team is well-qualified to provide support to companies operating in any sector, for the intelligent management of energy by:

  • Analysing and optimising contracts with energy suppliers;
  • Analysing the energy consumption and needs and their future prospects;
  • Identifying critical points in the energy chain (plants and organisation/management) and the adoption of energy-saving technology;
  • Determining the Pay Back Time of alternative solutions,
  • Issue of APE (Energy Performance Certificate).

Our approach enables companies to:

  • Use less energy, using exactly what is required for specific production cycles, with no waste;
  • Use better, choosing the most suitable means to get the best possible results from the energy used;
  • Reduce energy consumption from fossil fuels (petroleum, gas, coal), assessing the use of alternative energies with the client.