The risk of serious accidents concerns sites where the presence of hazardous substances in certain amounts represents a real risk of the occurrence of a large-scale incident in terms of damage to people, things and the environment.

After the serious accident of 1976 at the Icmesa plant in Seveso, there was an obvious need to regulate the safety of industrial plants whose production processes required high quantities of dangerous substances that could cause accidents beyond the confines of the production area.

To this end there have been a series of European provisions (called Seveso Directives, Seveso bis, Seveso ter etc.) that were taken on a national level by different member states. Their objective is to prevent serious accidents connected to the use of hazardous substances.

Thanks to its experience in this sector the Studio Arcadia team can support companies in fulfilling applicable regulations and in particular:

  • Check company’s obligations under Seveso regulations;
  • Draw up and update Safety reports;
  • Draw up and update Notifications;
  • Draw up and update Safety Management Systems (SGS), including regular audit activities and provide support for the implementation of the system;
  • Draw up and update Internal Emergency Plans;
  • Risk Analysis for modifications to plant systems (NAR, NOF);
  • Periodic training and information updates (face-to-face, practical lessons, distance-learning);
  • Maintenance planning (analysis of ageing equipment, RBI studies etc.);
  • Management of fire-fighting procedures (CPI, not increasing risk factors, evaluation projects etc.);
  • Analysis of seismic vulnerability;
  • NAT-TEC risk analysis.